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 Welcome to Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association (ECTRA)

If you are looking for a new challenge to help you and your equine partner set new goals, look no further.  Are you interested in finding out about the sport of long distance trail riding but do not want to race?  Are you ready to find out if you belong in a sport that values education and safety first?  Are you curious to see if your horse can handle varying terrain, distance and a little speed?  Do you both have the athleticism and stamina to be good partners and work as a team?  Are you ready to experience the challenge, relish the satisfaction and have FUN competing?

Competitive riding provides all that and more.  The camaraderie you will experience is worth the entry fee.  Our rides offer controlled starts and well marked SAFE trails with riders going out in small groups.  A team of judges include a Veterinarian and a Lay judge, both knowledgeable in distance riding who check your horse before, during and after the competition.  You will usually have meals and great awards included with your entry fee and a safe place to park your truck and trailer.  Ride Managers have educational meetings to ensure your experience is up to par.  There are always people around to ask when you have a question and you will almost always wind up with more information than you bargained for.

The rides you attend offer nice awards in different categories, such as novice (for riders new to the sport) and weight divisions.  ECTRA offers year end awards for each distance offered, for both riding and driving:  short distance (25 to 40 miles ridden in one day), middle distance (50 to 60 miles ridden in two days), and extended distance (80 to 100 miles ridden in three days) and endurance.   ECTRA also has horse mileage awards, rider mileage awards and a volunteer recognition program.  The Rookie Rider year-end award is a GREAT goal for first-year riders!

You can begin the process with one of the great clinics we offer, and by riding one of our Conditioning Distance Rides (CDR).  These CDR’s are usually 10 to 15 miles.

You are guaranteed to have fun, make new friends and learn more about your horse!  Come on out and join us!

Please check our website often for updates on clinics and our other sanctioned events!  Feel free to check the Who’s Who and email any one of the individuals there to ask questions.



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