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Wanda Stazick, 860-447-3976

109 Grassy Hill Rd.

East Lyme, CT 06333


Vice President:

Esther Fiddes, 203-743-7087

204 Chestnut Ridge Rd.

Bethel, CT 06801



Jeannette Cole, 802-485-3087

287 West Hill Rd.

Northfield, VT 05663



Megan Thompson, 860-429-5364 or 860-576-8686

111 Middle Turnpike

Storrs, CT 06268



Dr. Joan Hiltz, 570-807-7053 or 603-675-2008

237 Tandy Brook Rd. Cornish, NH 03745

Kat Waters, 802-738-5299

PO Box 320 Perkinsville, VT 05151

Louise Lester, 207-894-8185

PO Box 346 Raymond, ME 04071

Katie Vogel, 732-367-1162 or 908-415-3880

160 Vienna Rd., Howell, NJ 07731

Rebecca Wachtel, 215-766-0696

PO Box 179, Pipersville, PA 18947


Committee Chairpersons:     

Annual Meeting:

Char Jewell, 207-210-0541

17 Hartley Ln. Raymond, ME 04071



Jenny Kimberly, 802-674-5384

221 Esty Ln., Windsor, VT 05089


Drug Testing:

Dr. Nick Kohut, 717-442-4520

5668 Lincoln Hills Dr., Gap, PA 17527

Dr. Joan Hiltz (see above)

Event Reps:

Vickie B. Smith, 802-759-3372

8263 VT Rte. 22a, Addison, VT 05491


Event Vol. Worker:

Helen Stacy, 301-743-3290

PO Box 383, Welcome, MD 20693



Ellen Tully, 802-484-5707

209 Stone Chimney Rd., Reading, VT 05062

Louise Lester (see above)


Judge Certification & Evaluation:

Dr. Nick Kohut (see above)


Louise Lester (see above)


Eva Norris, 607-693-4024

253 Allen Road, Port Crane, NY 13833


Judge Testing:

Terry Buckley, 203-494-7321 (Cell)

169 Hemlock Ave., Guilford, CT 06437



Marilyn Miles, 518-768-2870

PO Box 76, Clarksville, NY 12041


Mileage, Points & Awards:

Awards: Esther Fiddes (see above)



Patty Lambert, 814-692-8966

2354 West Gatesburg Rd., Warriors Mark, PA 16877



Beth Sheldon

4150 Upper Ridge Rd., Pennsburg PA 18073

Cathy Demick


PO Box 28, Lanesboro MA 01237 



Judy Lorimer, 978-433-2384

83 Groton St., Pepperell, MA 01463



Esther Fiddes (see above)



Cynthia Young, 410-956-2581

PO Box 99, Churchton, MD 20733


PR & Education:

Patti Brooks, 860-442-4237

14 Upper Walnut Hill Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333


Equine Affair: Wanda Stazick (see above)


MD Horse Expo:  

Cate Peloquin, 410-652-3454

3018 Dublin Rd. Street, MD 21154


Ride Managers:




Louise Lester (see above)



Wanda Stazick (see above)


Star Rating:

Ben Fangman 410-652-7676

3018 Dublin Rd., Street, MD 21154


Trail Preservation:

Dan Gruen, 315-749-8086



Arthur B. King, DVM 905-871-9741 or 716-392-4795

Box 1141, Fort Erie, Ontrario Canada L2A5N9



Sherry Morse, 973-610-7993

321 W. Burke St., Easton, PA 18042


Click HERE for Sanctioning Forms 

Refer to the ECTRA Rulebook – Sanctioning pp 21-24 for information regarding the ride sanctioning process

Click HERE for the Ride Manager Reference Guide.  This is a work in progress - PLEASE contact us with any suggestions!!!!

Click HERE for the new Ride Information & Entry Sample! 


A copy of the Result sheet AND a fee of $2 PER HORSE (CTR and CDR!)  MUST be sent to:

Wanda Stazick

ECTRA Sanctioning

109 Grassy Hill Rd.

East Lyme, CT 06333

Mileage and points will NOT be credited until fees are paid!




  • Ride/Drive evaluations are to be filled out AFTER the ride is completed, and riders/drivers have received their score sheets.
  • Make sure your entry form has a space for ECTRA rider and horse numbers. Make sure these numbers are ON the score sheets.
  • Collect all evaluation sheets at the ride and send to the person noted on each one.
  • Print out an ECTRA Rulebook prior to the ride.
  • Have extra ECTRA Membership applications on hand for non-members
  • Print out copies of the ECTRA flyer and post them at local tack shops/feed stores prior to the ride to attract new riders
  • Fill out the PROMOTION FORM and return to Patti Brooks so she can assist with Ride Promotion!
  • Contact local newspapers (equine and regular!) to publicize the ride


  • Ride Packets may be obtained by contacting Linda Levitre at 413-369-0156, or via mail at 536 N Poland Rd, Conway, MA 01341
  • Once your ride has been sanctioned Score sheets, P&R slips, and tri-folds will be mailed to you.
    • Please note that the number of horses listed on the sanctioning form will be used to determine how many score sheets you receive.  That number plus five (5) extra sets to serve as a cushion will be sent to you. 
    • Please make sure, well in advance of your event, that you have sufficient score sheets.
      • Disregard any year printed on the score sheet as they are not updated annually.
    • Score sheets are printed on two-part, carbonless paper. Use one score sheet PER HORSE/PER JUDGE. This means you will need two scoresheets per horse.
    • The white/original will be submitted with the ride results, while the yellow/copy will be given to the rider after the ride.


FOLLOWING the event - send ALL of the following forms within TEN days!

CTR RESULTS SHEET- 1 per event should be emailed ASAP to Patty Lambert at or hard copies mailed to 2354 West Gatesburg Rd., Warriors Mark, PA 16877


  1. Score sheets- white copy only!
  2. Time sheets
        1. Start/Finish (or legal size Start/Finish)
        2. Hold (one per day)
  3. P/R Slips
      1. Hold
      2. Final
  4. Master P/R sheets:
    1. Master P&R 1 day sheet
    2. Master P&R 2/3 day sheet
  5. Hold vet sheet

NOTE: It is very important to return all timer, vet, and P&R sheets and slips, along with the score sheets, evaluations etc., so that if there are any discrepancies or problems, they can be resolved by studying the returned materials.

Send these forms, either mailed or emailed, as listed:

Accident Report: Wanda Stazick,109 Grassy Hill Rd., East Lyme, CT 06333

Driver Questionaire: Jenny Kimberly 221 Esty Ln, Windsor, VT 05089,

ECTRA Rep. Form: Vickie B. Smith, 8263 VT Rte. 22a, Addison, VT 05491,

Ride/Drive Evaluations Form: Ben Fangman, 3018 Dublin Rd. Street, MD 21154. If you'd like to type the ride information in use the fillable form HERE!

Judge Evaluation Form: Nick Kohut, 5668 Lincoln Hills Drive, Gap, PA 17527,


Sanctioning & Ride Management Forms:

1. Sanctioning Form(REVISED MARCH 2018)
2. Insurance Form (Required with Sanctioning Form, REVISED MARCH 2016!)
3. Shortened Ride Time Form
4. Ride Promotion Form
5. List of Judges (UPDATED 2015!)

Please refer to the lists below for additional forms that you will need for your event. You are responsible making copies of these forms as needed.

All Rides/Drives

  • ECTRA Liability Release Form (updated 2008) - All riders and parents of Jr. riders are required to sign an ECTRA liability release form by the insurance company. No rider should be permitted to start without this document being signed!
  • Midpoint P&R Sheet - used to record the pulse & respiration results at the mid-point hold for all rides. The entries on this form should be exactly what was written on the P & R slip handed back to the rider. Correlates to blue P & R slip.
  • Final P&R Sheet - used to record the pulse & respiration results at the final hold for all rides. The entries on this form should be exactly what was written on the P & R slip handed back to the rider. Correlates to the white P&R slip.
  • Volunteer Recognition Form this form is used by anyone participating in the volunteer recognition program and should be signed by the ride manager to verify volunteer hours. Managers should publicize this program and have extra copies of the form available at the ride.
  • Ride/Drive Results Sheet- submit one per event. UPDATED JULY 2018.  PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON FIRST SHEET OF WORKBOOK
        • These provide ECTRA with a summary of the ride results of and are used for both one day and multi-day rides. There is a sheet for Endurance but it is acceptable to photocopy what is submitted to AERC and submit that to ECTRA as well
  • Timer Sheets:
    • Start/Finish (or legal size Start/Finish)- Used for all rides. Allows the timers to establish appropriate ride time once the horses have started.
    • Hold (one per day) - Used for any ride where there is a hold. Information from this form assists the Timer in determining the appropriate times for the horses to go back out as well as tracking any minutes that were added due to a delay in completing a safety check. This information is also used to make adjustments to the Start/Finish time sheet.
  • Master P/R sheets:
  • Accident Report – In the event of an accident at a ride the ride manager MUST complete this form! Ride managers should familiarize themselves with the form prior to the ride in case so they are aware of what is required if an accident occurs.
  • Driver Questionnaire - should be provided to and collected from each driver at the completion of the drive. The same form is used for one day or multi-day drives.
  • ECTRA Rep. Form - to be provided by the manager to the ECTRA REP at the event whether it by a one day or multi-day event.
    • The ECTRA Rep should complete the form and returns it as directed.
  • Ride/Drive Evaluations Form(REVISED 2018)- should be provided to and collected from each rider or driver at the completion of the event. The same form is used for one day or multi-day events. If you prefer to fill some information in ahead of time use the fillable form HERE!
  • Judge Evaluation Form - should be provided to each rider or driver in an event (one day or multi-day) but is not collected with the other forms. It is to be mailed by the participant to the person indicated.
    • It is meant to be completed after the participant has reviewed their scoresheet and thought about the event.


Scoring Guides - have been created to assist the volunteers scoring at the ride. Each guide correlates to a specific type of ride and has hints and table to assist with calculating points off

  • Only the final pulse & respiration results affect the scores.
      • Multi-day rides allow for averaging
      • One day rides use single result

Tabulator/Scoring Guide (including P&R, time and behavior penalties) - ONE DAY EVENT

Tabulator/Scoring Guide (including P&R, time and behavior penalties) - TWO DAY EVENT

Tabulator/Scoring Guide (including P&R, time and behavior penalties) - THREE DAY EVENT

P&R Averaging Table - THREE DAY EVENT


Endurance Specific

AERC Results Spreadsheet (Rev. May 2018)


All forms are downloadable and saved in Adobe Acrobat format. If you need to download Acrobat, click here.




Upcoming Rides! Note: Check Sanctioned Ride List for Ride Status

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