ECTRA Yahoo Group List Guidelines

All information, techniques, medical advice and theories are solely the opinion of the individual poster on the ECTRA Mailing List and do not reflect the opinions of other members, nor the ECTRA Mailing List, nor ECTRA itself, nor its members or officers. Please use your own discretion when applying these theories to your own situations and when unsure of any medical treatment or training method, please consult your qualified Equine Practitioner or horse trainer.

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This is a moderated list and your subscription request will need to be approved. When replying to someone's post, please edit the original post to only include the part of the post you are replying to. This makes life easier for those who receive messages in a digest format. Please keep an eye on the Subject title and if the subject has changed in your reply, please change the Subject title for your message.  Please do not submit a post completely IN UPPER CASE as this can be taken to mean you are SHOUTING OR MAD. Use uppercase to accentuate a sentence or use "quotes" as an alternative.

Please keep the subject matter discussed relevent to topic ie. Distance Trail riding.  Although we ALL love to read what is going on with each other, if you have something to say to someone on a personal note, please contact that individual personally.

The ECTRA Mailing list is NOT a medium to be advertising your products or services and you are strongly advised against doing so. There are many web sites on the internet where you can advertise your wares. Please use good judgment when it comes to this situation, blatant continual self-promotion will not be tolerated!

Please do not cross-post or forward other emails to the ECTRA Mailing List. The "no-post" option will be enforced if the above guidelines are not met. A one week suspension period will be given to the offender.

Email submitted to the ECTRA Mailing list is not to be reproduced in anyway in any other medium without the expressed written consent of the poster.

If you feel that you are receiving unsolicited email through the ECTRA list, contact the list owner/moderator immediately. You are entitled to privacy and protection from such an occurrence.